Stone Chakra Septagram Pendant

Stone Chakra Septagram Pendant

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This chakra is created prioritizing the meaning and purpose of each stone over the color of the rainbow. It is wrapped as a 7 pointed star, known as a Septagram, Elven Star, or Fairy Star. The septagram is a continuously drawn figure having seven points. It is a less common religious symbol than the pentagram, but it is a sacred symbol to Wiccans who follow the Faery tradition, where it is called the Elven or Fairy star.

The septagram is important in Western kabbalah, where it symbolizes the sphere of Netzach the seven planets, the seven alchemical metals, and the seven days of the week.

Crown: Clear Quartz - Universal Support
Third Eye: Amethyst - Protection, Cleansing, Intuition
Throat: Lapis Lazuli - Deep Self-Knowledge
Heart: Rose Quartz - Healing the Wounded Heart
Solar Plexus: Citrine - Vision and Willpower
Sacral: Carnelian - Courage to Act
Root: Tiger's Eye - Purposeful Action

Pendant measures 1.5 inches by 1 inch
Wire is copper or brass.
Waxed cotton cord included (adjustable length).
Finished product, ready to ship.