Lime Twist

Lime Twist

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Atlantisite in antiqued copper wire, on a copper plated iron chain, 16" - 20". Pendant measures 2.5" in length.

Atlantisite is the name given to this beautiful combination of green serpentine with inclusions of pink to purple stichtite from Tasmania.

Some believe that Atlantisite can access information from Atlantis in order to complete endeavors started at that distant time.

Some perceived uses of Atlantasite are:

  • Gain access to past lives
  • Stimulate spiritual development
  • Lower stress levels
  • Encourages thinking before speaking
  • Promotes successful thinking in business or regarding possessions

Copper is a metal that oxidizes and antiques with exposure to air, water and skin. It requires about as much maintenance as sterling silver to keep it shiny.

Do not sleep in your jewelry. Wash it from time to time with a little Dawn to remove oils and acids from your skin. Restore shine by polishing with a Sunshine Cloth.

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