Fuck Your Drama (Available censored)

Fuck Your Drama (Available censored)

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"Fuck your drama" It's perfect for home drama, workplace drama, relationship drama, political drama.. You get the picture! Also available in a censored version for those who aren't comfortable with all the swears yet!

Also available but not pictured at this moment: Brass. Actual length of metal is 6" and is an adjustable fit when shaped. Just gently increase or expand the bend in the metal to better fit smaller and larger wrists alike.

If you are not big on the side effects of wearing copper jewelry (skin discoloration) then I would suggest going with aluminum as brass can have the same issue when in contact with the skin for too long.

If you have metal allergies, you may special order sterling silver, but please be aware that material costs for that start in the $50 range and may fluctuate with the silver market.