Blue Line Chainmail Bracelet

Blue Line Chainmail Bracelet

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This specific style is Half Persian 3 in 1, done with smaller rings for a tighter weave that displays the blue line well. This is my most popular blue line bracelet.

I originally started making these bracelets to sell to officers at the police department I work for, and they were so popular I've decided to make them available here.

If you have a friend or family member who is in law enforcement, these are a great way to show your support and pride for our Men and Women in blue.

Consider a special order in another color to show support for:

GOLD - Dispatchers

RED - Firefighters, Coast Guard, and Marine Corp.

WHITE - EMS and National Guard

GREEN - Boarder Patrol, Army, and Military Police

GREY - Corrections

Each bracelet is made with anodized aluminum rings, and EPDM rubber rings, allowing the bracelet to stretch.