Sexual Energy

Updated: May 30, 2020

So here I am, carefully taking newer, cleaner pictures of my jewelry. I'm lovingly editing them, and posting them to my new online shop.. I'm happily working along at a rather slow pace, severing my ties to Etsy, one listing at a time. Every so often, I check the status on my shop's listings to make sure that they are all syncing with my Facebook business page.

But one listing keeps getting rejected. Odd, but errors happen. Right? Well, I'd best work on some other listings then. Surely whatever error happened will sort itself out. Right? Because that's how things work. If technical difficulties exist, then you just try again and eventually the bug will get resolved on it's own. Right? Wrong.

I honestly feel a bit abashed that it took me weeks to look at the actual error message and see exactly why my necklace titled "Infinite Moon" would not sync. (My friend teased that it was because I had used the word 'moon', like mooning.) But looking into it further, my store doesn't always share the reason why an item is refused. So imagine my shock when I finally saw an error message pop up, telling me that my necklace was too sexual to be approved.

"Facebook prohibits listing products with images that are overly sexual, imply nudity, show excessive amounts of skin or cleavage, or focus unnecessarily on body parts."

Facebook thought my moonstone necklace was too sexy! I find that hilarious! Now, I most certainly have made sexually explicit items before. Take, for example, this penis zipper charm. I had a customer recently request this in earring form.

I am hereby renaming "Infinite Moon" to "Sexual Energy". Facebook might refuse to allow it to show in my shop, but they cant keep it off of my personal website!

If you need a little bit of sexual energy in your life, then please check out this necklace, available in my shop for $30: rainbow moonstone and silver plated wire. I can re-wrap any piece in my shop with sterling silver for a slightly higher price at your request. If you are interested, please email me at

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