Change Is Here!

Here at The Dragons Gem I'm making some changes and updates that I am very excited about. These changes will make the business run better and includes bringing in a new variety of items! Over 30 new items added already!

If you haven't joined me on Facebook, or subscribed to the Email list, please do that ASAP so you don't miss out on the Black Friday Weekend Sale. Head to the home page and scroll to the bottom for the mailing list signup. You can find a link to the Black Friday sneak peak on my Facebook page right now!

Another change is that I have hired Kim Lanier as a consultant to help get me through the holiday season, so products can be listed in a faster more orderly fashion, more orders can be managed, and customer service can maintain the highest standard even during the busy season. The goal is to survive the holidays and transition to the next step in running this business properly and responsibly, aka. being organized!

Another thing in the works is updating the items offered to include hand stamped bracelets, which will be available more than likely starting in the new year! What phrase would you most want to wear on your wrist? Something snarky? A little flirty? Live Laugh Love? Tell me in the comments and you might see your phrase available soon! The first phrase available will be one near and dear to my heart. A phrase to guide you through the work day if you're still working in an office (Kids, cover your eyes!) "Fuck your drama" (Ok kids, it's safe to look again). You all know that one person in the office who loves to stir the pot, and if you don't, well, It's probably you 😜 #sorrynotsorry

I will be hopefully adding more blog posts about life here at The Dragons Gem, and doing more on social media, as well. Is there any sort of content you are particularly interested in? Comment below with your requests.

Things are changing here and I'm excited about it, and ready to make the transition. Thank you everyone who has been here with me. I am thankful for all of you, and look forward to continuing to serve you to the absolute best of my abilities.

Let's keep making art together in 2021!

Happy Holidays,

The Dragons Gem

Jewelry booth vending setup for a small holiday shopping event.
Kicking off the holiday season! I do have a mask on a lanyard around my neck for when when someone comes up!

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