Savage Femininity


This piece features a rainbow moonstone in a copper setting, in a style heavily inspired by Thanit Tahua

With Savage Femininity, I was willing to emulate the style of Thanit Tahua because of two reasons: 

1. I had bought tutorials from her previously.

2. The customer did not ask me to copy a specific piece, and her only reason from not buying directly from Thanit Tahua was due to the unpredictability of the mail during this Covid 19 pandemic.

The accent chain for this pendant is handmade, with moonstone beads, and Herkimer diamond accent beads. I have used simple segments of 4 in 2 chainmail. I feel the chain really finishes this piece off well and makes it shine.

Key to Her Heart


This rainbow moonstone is set in antiqued sterling silver, in a heart shaped key. It features accent beads of cherry quartz, amethyst, and rainbow moonstone.

With Key to Her Heart, I had to create this design from scratch. I made sample pieces first in copper, and only used sterling once I had settled on my final design. Even still, I wound up changing small details in the final design. I think I made at least 5 mock ups before creating this final piece.

These pictures are NOT to scale. This bust is the size of a toddler, so the pendant looks comically large here. In reality, it is less than 4 inches in length.

Black Rain


My client had a pair of earrings similar to these, with only two strands to dangle, and very dingy white/tan in color. She wanted something black, and with more dangle. She wanted to keep the beaded macramé look, and the partially wrapped earring hooks, but other than that, I had free reign.

I settled on a variety of faceted Czech glass beads, and strung them on off-black hemp. 

I only had a black bust to display them on, so I know the color is very washed out! They are very black in person, and they sparkle beautifully!

Lady Chaos


My client picked out this rainbow moonstone from the cabochons I keep on hand and told me to wrap it in sterling silver, and antique it.

With free reign to do what I wanted... This pendant came out nothing like what I was originally intending! Sometimes what we plan isn't what the stone and wire want. It will fight you at every turn. So with this one, I just went with the flow.

Because the wire work on this one is so top heavy, I knew I needed to balance it out somehow. Adding the moonstone chain really helped lend balance to the chaos of the wire.

When I showed my client (who is an author), she was thrilled with the completed piece, and said that it reminded her of a Goddess of Chaos in one of her books. I was so happy I had listened to what the stone and wire wanted! 

Please check out her fantasy and romance books!

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